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ARTEMIS: Intelligence on the spot 

Embedded Systems pervade all artefacts of life, from games and mobile phone, from transportation and vehicles to healthcare systems. In fact, Embedded Systems will be part of all future products and services, providing intelligence on the spot and capabilities to cleverly connect to the abundance of systems in their environment. 

‘Networked Embedded Systems are the NEURAL SYSTEM OF SOCIETY.

Europe can address Societal Challenges by using its sophisticated Embedded Systems Research and Development resources in industry and research institutes if coordinated well and if funded adequately. In a global world Embedded Systems are a crucial key enabling technology for Europe’s industrial and societal future, and one that must not be underestimated or overlooked. 

ARTEMIS Industry Association
ARTEMIS Industry Association is the association for R&D actors in Embedded Systems. It was founded in January 2007 and continues the work of the European Technology Platform. The Industry Association is open to: SMEs, universities, R&D centres and Large Enterprises. It is a network of more than 200 members. Together they form a meeting place where key industry and R&D actors identify topics for major R&D project proposals and form successful quality consortia. 

The members of ARTEMIS Industry Association define the ARTEMIS Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) for Embedded Systems in Europe. The SRA is the backbone of the ARTEMIS innovation programme. Interested? You are welcome to download the SRA 2011.

ARTEMIS Industry Association was founded by Daimler, Nokia, Philips, STMicroelectronics and Thales to support the ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking (ARTEMIS-JU) and to continue the work of the ARTEMIS European Technology Platform. The ARTEMIS-JU programme is the first of its kind to bring private-sector research actors together with the European Commission and a large number of contributing Member States.

ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking
ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking is the Public Private Partnership (in embedded systems) with the European Commission, 22 ARTEMIS Member States and more than 200 members representing their organisations in the Industry Association.

Industry driven ARTEMIS Programme
The stakeholders in the ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking (JU) adopt a commonly agreed research agenda closely following the recommendations of the ARTEMIS Strategic Research Agenda (SRA). This research agenda is defined by the members of the ARTEMIS Industry Association and is implemented in a 10-year R&D funding programme on embedded systems. The SRA is the backbone for the ARTEMIS Calls.

Each year an ARTEMIS call for innovative project proposals will be launched. Selected projects will be co-funded by the EC and the 22 countries that have joined the ARTEMIS JU.

The vision of ARTEMIS is that embedded systems will realise the dream of ambient intelligence. In which intelligent support for people will be embedded in everyday objects. Large-scale application will increase our quality of life. The result will be to help make life healthier and more secure. And to provide more comfort for Europe's ageing population. ARTEMIS nurtures the ambition to strengthen Europe's position in embedded intelligence and systems and to attain world-class leadership. For more information download.

ARTEMIS Sub Programmes
During 2007, ARTEMIS-IA developed eight advanced and challenging sub programmes of key importance for the future of Europe based on the ARTEMIS-ETP Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) published by the ARTEMIS European Technology Programme (ETP) in 2006. The calls of the ARTEMIS-JU in May 2008 and 2009 focused on selected priority areas in embedded systems fundamental to long-term competitiveness go to STRATEGY  for more information.

Membership, a boost for innovation!
ARTEMIS Industry Association already has more than 200 members and associates. Large firms, SMEs, universities and research institutes active in the area of embedded systems are encouraged to join. Membership of ARTEMIS Industry Association brings voting rights for elections and key decisions, permits involvement in shaping the future evolution of the SRA and other policies, and provides an extensive and respected network of potential R&D partners. 
As stated by the Articles of Association (AoA), Membership is equally open to SMEs (Members A), Public Research Organisation (Members B) and Corporate members (Members C). Individuals who are active in the field of embedded systems or legal persons that maintain an organisation of enterprises and/or Public Research Organisations that are active in the field of embedded systems can apply for a position of Associate.





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