Co-summit 2015

Co-summit 2015

The 2015 Co-summit will be held on 10 & 11 March in the bcc Berlin Congress Center in Berlin, Germany. The 7th edition of the Co-summit will be dedicated to 'Smart Industry: Impact of Software Innovation

Co-summit 2015

Co-summit 2015

Magazine 17

The December issue of the ARTEMIS Magazine is focussed on the success of cooperations, reliability projects and this year's Co-summit theme: Smart Industry.

ARTEMIS Magazine 17

Brokerage 2015

Brokerage 2015

ARTEMIS Industry Association organised the Brokerage Event 2015 in Amsterdam to help with the drafting of project proposals and finding the right consortium partners. For all presentations & proposals visit the webpage.

Brokerage 2015 Presentations


Cyber-Physical Systems

Cyber-Physical Systems are interconnected in networks of many devices- for example the car to the fixed road infrastructure and the smart card to the banking systems.

Learn more about CPS


ARTEMIS Industry Association

ARTEMIS Industry Association is the association for R&D actors in Embedded Systems and Cyber-Physical Systems, that represent 180+ members.

Read more about ARTEMIS-IA


ECSEL Joint Undertaking

ECSEL is a partnership of the private and the public sectors for electronic components and systems. ARTEMIS Industry Association is one of the three private partners.


Co-summit 2015